Ramen Simulator

Role: I made everything, except for the music!
Duration: 3 weeks
Platform: Web
Tools: Unity, Aseprite


  • Designed and programmed entire game, playtesting and iterating on it multiple times
  • Wrote documentation of game rules over every iteration
  • Conducted playtests and analyzed playtest data
  • Designed marketing materials for the game

This game was a project for a Game Design class at the ETC, where the task was to design and make a game that we had to playtest and iterate upon, documenting each iteration in a final design document. View the document here. Play the game here.

Design Goals

This project had no prompt: our only requirement was that we make a game, and that the game was good. My immediate desire for this project was for me to see it through in every aspect – aesthetics, sound, and game mechanics – to create a game that felt effortlessly cohesive.

Process GIFs