Role: Designer / Programmer
Duration: 2 weeks
Platform: Oculus Rift and Touch
Tools: Unity


  • Designed interactions and events in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Scripted object interactions, game progression
  • Conducted playtests

This experience was intended to communicate a story indirectly using the medium of unpacking, leveraging the affordance of being able to grab and closely inspect objects in VR.

Design Challenges

Creating Interesting Linear Experiences

Due to the short timeframe we had, we knew that giving guests too much control over the world (by allowing them to change the outcome of the story, for example) was outside of our scope. However, we struggled to present guests with the illusion of freedom, given that the world would basically play out passively as they watched. A major factor in preserving this order was finding ways to ensure the guests only picked up objects in the correct sequence. I decided to add filler objects (such as styrofoam cubes and packing peanuts) in the box that ended up being an effective way of hiding things that are only meant to show up later.